Friday, 26 May 2017


This is REALLY important in relation to the #ManchesterBombing and I have to be honest and straight with you all because you all should know the truth: Seumas Milne, John Rees, Andrew Murray, Lindsey German (stop the war coalition leaders) and I am sad to say Corbyn too and others have been and continue to COVER-UP collusion by the British state with their junior proxy terrorists in groups like Qaeda, Nusra, LIFG (LIFG is the death squad that Manchester bomber Salman Abedi is a member of). They all covered up the death squad lynching of Black people in Libya throughout ithe war in 2011, they all said and did nothing about all of it and Corbyn and his team are continuing to cover it up today while much of his grassroots following are clamouring to get the Tories over collusion. John Rees is now posting on his facebook posturing that he somehow opposes these terrorists, well look HERE, he was openly supporting them and some of us were arguing against him at the time.

In addition to this, while me and a few people were screaming about the lynching of Black people in Libya that these death squads under Nato were doing, the following left organisations amongst many others openly supported the death squads: Ceasefire, Counterfire, Pulse, SWP, Stop the War Coalition even as they openly marched with pro nato regime-change protests, Chris Nineham a Stop the War Coalition leader marched with them and chanted the slogan of overthrowing Gaddafi and Socialist Libya. Even people who have become high profile spokeperson's for BLMUK also supported the lynching death squads in 2011 despite me pleading and arguing with them not to. To this date they have not stated any different position to the one they had in 2011. The SWP celebrated the lynching of Gaddafi and Libya.

A few of us always warned that British state collusion in Libya (and Syria) was always going to mean that they did and they will continue to collude with death squads who will also target people in Britain, and thats what is happening time and time again. The reason why the left seem to be unable to do much about it is 1, because they supported these terrorists in Libya through 2011, 2, support collusion and help to cover it up, hence 3, they cannot give any credence to a few of us who have worked hard, received massive abuse for it, and worked out better than most what is going on with this collusion. These leftists were willing to go along with the entire destruction of Libya with all the lynching, raping and mutilations, so it isnt that surprising that the massacre of little girls in Manchester also does not jolt them into being honest on collusion. Until today much of the left continues to defend Moazzam Begg who is an open close colleague of LIFG death squad leader Hakim Belhaj, the British authorities allowed Begg to go and visit Belhaj in Tripoli after Nato and Belhaj destroyed the country. Begg has deleted the picture of them meeting from the internet, it used to be on the Cage website. LIFG leader Hakim Belhaj *also* has support from well known left and liberal figures in Britain, he even has all these articles and features in the Guardian, including leading lefties who wrote an article for him in the Guardian.

you all know I went three times to Libya since spring 2011 during the Nato and allied proxy death squad terrorist war of destruction, you all now I stood with the Libyan people and their socialist country against Nato, you all know I been working on the issue of how the British state is colluding with terrorists in Libya since Feb 2011 when the media openly encouraged people like Salman Abedi to go pick up weapons and rape, lynch and kill for them in Libya. You all know I been working on collusion until today along with Dan Glazebrook mostly but also a few others like James Stuart, Saqib Deshmukh and of course the Libyans like Abdal Aziz Ali Alkasih Rajab Shoaib Moussa Ibrahim and others. A lot of you know I have published a book and documentary on Libya and all these issues, and so has Glazebrook.

We are trying to be as honest and hard working and as much integrity as we can on these issues. Tragically our work and investigations and their findings have proven to be true time and time again and especially so with the attack on the girls in Manchester. I hate to bring bad news, but again I have to be honest and engage people with realities so we can prepare for them: These things are going to get worse, and we really need to confront these things head on. Please, support our people in the Homelands who have lost their entire countries to this horror, and in so doing protect and help yourselves against this British imperialist state.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


London / Westminster violent incident  - Brexit, Scotland, EU, Racism/Islamophobia: First of all: God bless the woman who died today and sympathies for her family. Our Homelands are being wiped out by this british state, we know the price to our Humanity that we have to pay so we understand Humanity. Anyway. 

Context - today to the day is exactly one year on from the violent attack in Brussels, and in a broad historical context of a series of violent incidents in Germany and especially France in recent years. This island too a few years further back saw incidents such as 7/7 and 14/7 and most recently the Lee Rigby attack, also the infamous 'Jihadi John' / Mohammed Emmwazi, all linked to thousands of youth who happen to be Muslim leaving europe to join the supremacist death squad project of in mainly Syria and Iraq joining Daesh and also other factions such as Nusra. The pattern and axis of all of this is the british state, the british state's foriegn policy directly and indirectly uses these same armed militias (called Qaeda/Daesh etc) to achieve their aims, and also domestically to racist strategies of dividing people and hating Islam and Muslims, the british state has openly colluded with people like Omar Bakri, Moazzam Begg (in his own admission), and also those who conducted the lee rigby's death and also Emmwazi are both directly linked to the british intelligence services and the pro death squad organisation called 'Cage'. Will the apparent assailants today also have the usual pattern of connections to Daesh in Iraq/Syria, known by the intel services, connected to Cage or similar? We shall see. Of course I could be wrong, and I hope that this has nothing to do with any Muslim.

I been saying for years observing the political violence in France and Germany that the intel services will eventually make this happen here sooner or later, and it will be done to serve clear political purposes. What is interesting about the timing of the attack today? Apart from being a year on from the Brussels attacks, the most obvious issue of timing for today is the Scottish parliament's official statement to the Tory government that they officially want a second referendum for Scottish independence. This is taking place in relation to the growing war of words, economics, and politics between London and the EU. London is in the biggest crisis it has been in since the second world war. Tory PM Theresa May has said incessantly to the Scots: 'now is not the time' for a 2nd referendum, the english have been further whipped-up into a frenzy of hatred against pro Indy Scots. With this incident today, Tory's/May's position against the referendum will have been strengthened greatly, the media will go into further frenzy against any potential 2nd Scot Indy referendum. What will be pushed is 1, further racism against Muslims and ALL migrants, increase of racism against one section of the community means increase of sexism/racism/classism across ALL sections, 2, Scotland and all the 'uk' need to pull together under the government against terrorism, against indy Scots etc. 3, forget our lives will be degraded by brexit, forget that, remember - hate: migrants, Muslims, Scots and EU. It's going to be harder for the SNP now to push their position. 

James Stuart and I were just discussing in recent weeks that the London govt will be a LOT dirtier in their moves against Scotland, but I wasnt exactly expecting today's move, but it makes a lot of sense in the interests of the London far right brexit regime.

On the incident itself, a few interesting things. I feel a bit weary sharing these thoughts as there is a freaky Jewish conspiracy-obsessed conspiracy nut-job crowd who talk utter shite, but: Although the beginning and end of the incident (from the mowing down people on Westminster Bridge to the assailant being shot/killed at palace yard) must have been only a few minutes, the incident happened in a very congested tourist area, where nearly EVERY tourist have their camera-phones out and clicking and taking footage: no image of the assailants (seems to be 2, one brown-skinned male, one white male) has been shown anywhere on social media, if you are going to get a SUV, and go for an attack where you know you are going to get killed within seconds as you confront groups of armed police, would you go out like this in an attempt at stabbing one police? Just seems so weird and points to me towards some kind of state facilitation to this which is usually they know something is going to happen, they are closely watching the perps in the lead-up, and they just let it through. I know someone senior in radical circles who worked closely with the 7/7 perps' family and closest colleagues who agrees this to be the case. This was the case clearly with 7/7 and Lee Rigby's killing, and similar to the Paris and Brussels attacks. 

This incident marks the escalation of intent by the british state on a number of levels: it is intended to ratchet-up racism even more, targeted especially at the Black n Brown Muslim community, it is intended to squash the demands for a Scottish referendum for independence, it is to keep you meek and quiet as the state makes your life worse through brexit, and intended to keep you meek and quiet while the state goes to increasing wars of destruction against our Homelands and eventually to prepare us for war against Germany and possibly others.

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Ecuador's Correa Calls for Latin American Unity Against Trump

TeleSur English

President Rafael Correa said the region needs to stand together to fight discrimination and human rights violations.

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said Monday that Latin America needs to respond with a strong front and united speech against the anti-immigration measures of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Correa said there needs to be "a regional stand to defend the main type of mobility, which is human mobility, the defense of human rights, reminding the United States that they have been a country of migrants," said Correa in an interview with Spain's Cadena Ser.

The president said that the region is "still missing a consolidated and head-on speech to respond to policies" created by Trump.

Correa is in the midst of his last international tour before ending his presidential term in May. Ecuadoreans will choose a new president on Feb. 19, as well as members of the National Assembly.

"It is impressive what is happening, there will be hard times ahead," said Correa, referring to Trump's policies since his arrival in the White House, including the ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries and the construction of a border wall with Mexico.

Correa said that “there are also opportunities" in the recent protests against Trump's decrees in the U.S. that "haven’t been seen since the Vietnam War or the civil rights struggle."

Correa signed Saturday a Human Mobility Law that guarantees the rights of migrants and ensures that nobody will be dubbed or treated as "illegal" based solely on their immigration status.

According to the government, there are currently about 200,000 Ecuadoreans who are in an irregular situation in the United States.


How did Corbyn come to be loyal to Brexit? The very short version: 

Corbyn is in an english left group that basically are left british nationalists, this includes most of the trade union leaders he is close to including len mcluskey, it includes his closest political advisers and colleagus people like seamus milne (who I was friends with before), andrew murray and other. for many decades they have campaigned against the EU, played up a 'socialist' version of british nationalism that says that 'migration needs to be controlled', 'british jobs for british workers' etc.

Keep in kind that I was a national student advisor for Arthur Scargill, who, while out of politics in any meaningful way for decades, is nonetheless the greatest left-wing english socialist (nationalist) left, and I campaigned on his party's policies in the early 2000s which was clearly british nationalist, FOR immigration controls, and was basically competing for the far right back then, the northern racists were of course voting for the fascist BNP and increasingly ukip back then, that has come to full fruition with Corbyn competing with the far right for these votes. Of course in such a competition the far right ALWAYS wins.

Now Corbyn was a degree or two outside of this as he was an activist MP who wanted to make everyone, the left nationalists, the liberal nationalists and migrant communities happy. Including supporting head choppers (death squads like Moazzam Begg) and those getting getting head-chopped (Kurds) at the same time!

As Corbyn came into the leadership of the Labour Party, he has decided to go along with this left brit nationalist group.

Only the far left loyalists of Corbyn think he did a good job in the referendum on brexit, everyone else knows that he was 'hedging his bets', its an open secret that him and his group wanted to send a message to their core group - northern racist white working class older men - that they are not really against brexit / anti-EU and they really supported brexit. (By the by: this is why ken loach made a film about older northern white man, and not a film about uniting people with migrants.)

At 6am on the morning of 34 June when brexit won, Corbyn demanded the triggering of article 50, which is an advocacy of the fastest brexit track possible. He finally exposed his political position, but the Corbyn left are still largely in denial while also many of them are indulging themselves in british nationalism and doing so in an attempt of doing it guilt free, they have cuddly corbyn promoting a far right british nationalist project, so nothing to worry about!

Corbyn has gradually since June 24 2016 dropped defending migrants, dropped defending freedom of movement, and now he doesnt even talk about anti-racism anymore.

Brexit is a major political disaster and even sections of the ruling classes know this, hence Blair's comments. We have a similar fall out in the usa amongst the ruling factions over trump fascism.

Blair and Kenneth Clarke understand how disastrous brexit is, from the point of view of a traditional more stability-oriented ruling class faction, hence they are talking up against brexit racism, with Kenneth Clarke comparing in parliament Corbyn's leadership to the politics of Enoch Powell, a infamous far right Tory politician known for his anti-immigrant “Rivers of Blood” speech:

“If he was here he would probably find it amazing to believe that his party had become eurosceptic and rather mildly anti-immigrant in a very strange way in 2016.”


6 years ago today in the midst of a western and Qatari and Saudi media led frenzy of instability against Tunisia and Egypt that has brought nothing but misery, division and near societal collapse to these countries (despite sociopaths calling it something good or a 'spring' even in their twisted morbid minds), Libya saw in Benghazi and Bayda and Derna the start of a NATO led and directed horror story. Supremacist political forces initiated an armed insurrection supported and then led by NATO totally, its first acts were killing Libyan police and armed forces, stealing weapons, and then lynching a load of Black / dark skinned people, literally stringing them up and chopping them up in public squares with hundreds of supremacist supporters cheering it all on, much of it is recorded here.  I have reported on it too in 2011 here

Shortly after British SAS were caught in Eastern Libya, and within weeks Fidel Castro told us that NATO was going to attack Libya, this was Castro's signal to us to mobilise, instead the western left including Andrew Murray, Kate Hudson, Lindsey German, John Rees and Chris Nineham of the so-called 'stop the war coalition' backed NATO's supremacist proxy forces in Libya for that whole year and refused to engage in what the anti NATO Libyan community here in England or in Libya had to say. Here is an exchange with John Rees from 2011 where he openly justifies and supports NATO in Libya.

I was one of the only people based in the west reporting on this from my three trips to Libya during the war and trying to get people to engage with the realities. People were in a drugged yo stupor off the Arab Sting, and most happily championed NATO's lynching head chopping 'revolution'. The Libyan people mobilised in an amazing renewal of revolutionary struggle, however Tripoli was overrun in a bloody offensive by massive NATO special forces and helicopter gunships that mowed down many of our comrades and resistance. 

Aforementioned western lefty sell outs continued to then support the human organ eating death squads in Syria also, but they changed their tune slightly after the 'jihadi john' head chopping was reported in the media and after John Rees sat next to Asim Qureshi from 'Cage' organisation where he called Mohammed Emwazi - 'Jihadi John' so-called - a "beautiful man", you can see Rees squirming somewhat while he says that here.

Until today stop the war leadership still support death squads through supporting 'Cage' organisation leader Moazzam Begg who went to Libya after NATO destroyed it to see his colleague and long time western military intel agent Hakim Belhaj who was a leading lyncher for NATO in Libya throughout 2011, helping NATO in a junior role to overthrow Tripoli, here is Belhaj with an English 'journalist' during Tripoli's overthrow.

Begg went on to go to Syria to assist death squads there in a visit formally green lighted by mi5, something he admits readily, he also sent love letters to Daesh leader Baghdadi in a bid to position himself as some kind of broker in relation to Daesh and their head chopping, no jokes see here from 5p which is a death squad platform.

The destruction of Libya directly through the 'Feb 17' NATO rebellion has led to so much death and collapse right across northern and Sahel and sun Sahara Africa, if has led to many things Gaddafi said it would not lease the proliferation of Daesh and Al Qaeda death squads, and massive plunging poverty for Libyans and others, it was the start of what has led to the growth of fascism in the west with Brexit, Le Pen and Trump, as the NATO wars on Libya and Syria meant that that fascism NATO exported to these countries has returned in so many ways to Europe itself.

And to date NO ONE in the west has made amends for their shameful support of this massive NATO destruction of Africa and their role in either championing it at the time or their complicity with their silence and inaction. For my part and that of my comrades, as ever to every actually existing global struggle against imperialism and NATO: we stay loyal and committed to Libya in its quest for unity, independence, socialism, Pan Africanism and Pan Arabism.