Monday, 28 February 2011



Ladies and gentlemen, members of the General Assembly of the United Nations:
I greet you on behalf of the African Union, and I pray that this will be a historic convene in the life of the world On behalf of the General Assembly of the United Nations, chaired by Libya, on behalf of the African Union, on behalf of the Kingdom A traditional African, and for you all.” I congratulate our son the president, “Obama,” because for the first time to attend our General Meeting as President of the United States, and commend him because he is the host country. his summit convened in a series of challenges that face us all, and that the world should unite and join hands to serious efforts to defeat these challenges, which are their common enemy:

The challenges of change, and the financial crisis Owalinhiar capitalist economic crisis and food and water, desertification, terrorism, migration and the spread of diseases from human and synthetic non-synthetic, because some devices manufactured by viruses as a weapon of war, and lost control.
. May be a bird “nose goat pigs”, are among the viruses that have not been under control, a synthetic in the laboratory as a weapon of war. As well as the terrible nuclear proliferation, as well as other terrorism, the proliferation of hypocrisy and fear and disbelief, and the degradation of morality and the rule of the article.
. All of this is a common enemy of us all.

You know that the United Nations was formed in the foundation of the three or four countries united against Germany. This is the United Nations, not the United Nations.
Organization of the United Nations that are we now, something else, and the United Nations are nations united against Germany in World War II, these countries formed the Council called the Security Council, and gave themselves permanent seats, and gave itself veto.
We did not present, the mother was separated Nations, and requested of us that wear this dress, which was dismissed by these nations, three or four which have united against Germany.
This is the truth, and this is the basis of this international organization.
This happened in the absence of “165″ one hundred and sixty-five in the nation now, I mean proportion of “1″ to “8″, was present at one and the absence of eight.
They made the Charter, which you know to read it – and the Charter of the United Nations with me – something that preamble, and materials are something else.
How did this happen?!.
Those who attended the San Francisco in 45, involved in the industry, the preamble, and left the other materials, including the so-called internal regulations of the Security Council, experts, technicians and politicians interested States in this matter, which states that made the Security Council, States which have united against Germany.
Preamble very attractive no objection to it, but all that came after that completely contradictory with the Preamble, and this is what we are now in front of him, and protest against it and reject it, and can not go with it, because this is over and his time in World War II.

preamble says that the nations are equal, large and small.
Is permanent seats, we are equal in it? Ever, we are not equal.
The preamble says that the United Nations large and small, have equal rights.
Ok ..Is the right of veto where we are equal?!.
اThe preamble says, “Nations large and small, are equal in rights” .. Such a preamble, and this is that we have approved.
Then veto the Charter, the permanent seats against the Charter, and this we do not recognize and does not accept it.
Charter says in the preamble “We have committed not to use armed force in the common interest”. This is the preamble, which we are happy we are, and we signed it, and joined the United Nations building it, which says that armed force is used only in the common interest of all nations.
But there have been 65 after the war by the United Nations and the Security Council after the Bkevith present and after this pledge, the lives of millions more than the World War.
Are these wars that took place and the aggression that took place and the power used in the 65 war, is for the common interest?! Never -. Are of interest to a particular country or two or three countries – and will come out of these wars to see whether it is for the interest of the joint or for the benefit of a particular State -.
This is in stark contrast with the preamble of the Charter, which we we like it and we joined this organization.
And if he does not walk according to the preamble, which we agreed upon, even our presence in the organization does not walk as of now.

We do not appease, not to say words diplomatically, and we are not afraid, and we are not greedy, we can not appease the fate of the world.
.. We are now talking about the fate of the world, the fate of the planet, the fate of the human race. In this issue of vital importance to human courtesy and there is no hypocrisy in diplomacy, because complacency and hypocrisy and fear has led to the occurrence of 65 after the war by the United Nations.
” .. The preamble says, “If the use of force must be a UN force, joint force”. United Nations Military Staff Authority is using force, and not a state or two or three. The entire United Nations decide to use force so as to protect world peace.
If an aggression by one State against another after 1945 after the establishment of this Organization, the United Nations are combined to deter this aggression.
I mean if attacked Libya to France – for example – should the United Nations to deter aggression against Libya because France has an independent state and member of the General Assembly of the United Nations, and sovereign.
We are committed to defend the sovereignty of nations collectively, but there are 65 war of aggression without deterring the United Nations, and has them – eight major wars raging in the millions of victims – the nations with permanent seat in the Security Council and owner of the veto.
States that we assure them, and we believe it is that will protect the security and protect the independence of peoples, which threatened the independence of peoples and used brute force.
We believe that it is deter aggression and protect the people and trust in the broadcast world, but we find these nations are using brute force, which has a permanent seat on the Security Council, and endowed with the given itself the right of veto.

And not in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any State.
Means that the system of government is an internal affair of a State, no one is entitled to interfere in it, your system is working, the dictatorial or democratic or socialist or capitalist or reactionary or progressive, this is the responsibility of society itself. An internal matter.
Voted in Rome in one day for “Julius Caesar” to be a dictator as the Senate gave him a mandate to be a dictator, because they believe that a dictatorship at the time useful to Rome. This is an internal, from Rome to say to what worked, “Julius Caesar, a dictator”?!.

Preamble This is the thing that we agreed upon, but the advent of power then it is not mentioned in the Charter.
Had they told us that the veto is what we joined the United Nations, we have acceded to and that we are equal in rights.
But that appears after that state then the right to object to all our decisions and then a permanent seat, it is given a permanent seat!? These four countries gave themselves the permanent seat.
And the only state that voted in the Assembly for its permanent seat, is China, China gave her our voices in order to have a permanent seat on the Security Council.
This state only its presence and existence of democratic, while the other four seats to its presence is not democratic but dictatorial imposed on us, do not recognize it does not apply to us.

Reform the United Nations – Ladies and gentlemen – not to go towards increasing the seats.
Increasing the number of “adding insult to injury” – I do not know how the interpreter translated this proverb, “Never mind” “to add insult to injury” .. Like this is difficult to translate in English, but help you when: It is “to add insult to injury” “Worse” means more than the bad even worse, more than double Killeen – How? Because the major countries will be added to the States the first great that we face, and tipping the major countries more and more.
So from here, we reject the increase of seats in this manner.
The solution is not to increase the seats, and the most dangerous thing to increase the seats in major countries to the States the first great. This grinding of third world peoples, grinding all the small peoples, which is now forming the so-called “100.g” ” fss ” “forum of small states” .. There are “100″ is a small country gathered together in a forum named “fss” “forum of small states” .. “100.states ” .. “100.states” .. “100.g “. “100.g”.
This Sttahnha new seats, because a major new countries added to the powers above.
This is unacceptable, and we must close the door, and we disagree strongly.

And then open the door that the increase in the Security Council, would increase the injustice and inequity, and increasing global tensions and increases the competition for seats in the Security Council, we will enter into a competition between the very, very important states.
There will be competition between Italy, Germany, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, Iran, Greece, Ukraine.
All of these nations would ask to have a seat in the Security Council, in which case the race will continue until the number of members of the Security Council the number of members of this Assembly, this is not practical.
So what is the solution? . .
The solution now before the General Assembly, chaired by “Ali Triki,” which will take the decision to vote, and a binding decision is the decision of the majority in the General Assembly without any consideration other hand, is closing the door to membership of the States, and shut the door to increase the seats in the Security Council – this is before the General Assembly, the Secretary-General, Triki -, and replace the union membership, and democracy equality among Member States, and the transfer of the powers of the Security Council to the General Assembly.

The membership of the unions, not the States, because if you opened the door of the Security Council as it is now before the States, this would lead to all the countries want to have a seat in the Security Council, and this right, because it is such a preamble is equal. How can we stop it? Who has the right to stop them to ask?!.
Who has the right to say to Italy does not Ttalibi seat if given a seat at Germany? Italy first, I say that I joined the allies and out of focus, while Germany is that the aggressor is defeated, for example – not the present-day Germany, but the former Nazi Germany -.
India, for example if we gave a seat and say that they deserve, will invoke Pakistan. This atomic state, and this atomic state, and they are in a state of war, this is a dangerous thing.
If Japan gives, why not give Indonesia the largest Muslim country in the world?!.
Then what you would say to Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Brazil and Argentina, and Libya, which canceled the nuclear weapons program they also deserve a seat on the Security Council because it has served the global security?!.
Comes Egypt, and Nigeria come, come and Algeria, Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, and these are all important countries.
This door must be closed, taking the expansion of the Security Council, and the futility of such an obvious trick, how will reform the United Nations and a major new countries come and put in the balance of the first great we are experiencing?!.

So the solution is to achieve democracy at the level of the Congress of the world, which is the General Assembly, which is to transfer the powers of the Security Council to the General Assembly, the Security Council to become an instrument of implementation of General Assembly resolutions only.
General Assembly is the parliament of the world, is the Congress of the world, is the legislature, which is that decisions are binding, and this is democracy, and that the subject of the Security Council of the General Assembly and above it all, and reject it if Ola is with effect from now.
This is the legislative authority. These are the legislators of the General Assembly.
It is written that “the General Assembly as well as working as well as on the recommendation of the Security Council” This is wrong, and correct the contrary, is that the Security Council as well as working as well as on the orders of the General Assembly .. Now, 190 nations This is the United Nations with each other, and not the Security Council in the next room, ten persons .. What democracy is this?! What security?” How to assure world peace if our fate, however, ten, and took them four or five, or controlled by the State and the one after that, and we are here 190 nations such as the park, “Hyde Park” Decor?!.
You Ajikm scenery” .. You “Hyde Park” You do not value to you. Platform for speech only, as you engage in the garden “Hyde Park” exactly. Betroth and walk, this is you.

Security Council executive authority only to General Assembly resolutions, the United Nations, and when the Security Council is just an outlet for the resolutions of the General Assembly In this case there will be no competition for seats in the Security Council.
Security Council to be representative of all nations, but not the state, thing, now the General Assembly is a permanent seat for each space
Each Union:
- EU 27 countries, it has a permanent seat on the Security Council.
- African Union 53 countries, it has a permanent seat on the Security Council.
- The Union of Latin America, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
- ASEAN ten countries +2 or +3 or +4, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
- Russian Federation, is now a permanent seat on the Security Council.
- European American, which is fifty countries STATES OF AMERICA “” UNITED “has a permanent seat is” already “.
- SAARC, if he, or is on its way to, in a permanent seat.
- League of Arab States 22 countries, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
- Organization of the Islamic Conference 45 countries, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
- Non-Aligned Movement of 120 countries, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
- “FSS ” “forum of small states”
- Our “100.G” think about it, maybe all the small States “FSS” “” forum of small states “” possible for a permanent seat as well.
And if there are countries outside these associations I have mentioned, as possible be allocated a permanent seat is handled them rotated every six months or every year.
May be Japan, Australia or New Zealand outside of any union, or any State of this state that may not be bound to the ASEAN, and not in the Russian Federation, and the African Union or the European Union, and Latin-American Federation, in the United States, it is possible to allocate seat.

This is the solution you Matrouh. Before the General Assembly for a vote.
This is the case articulated the fundamental, underlying, before the General Assembly, which is the master of the worl. Parliament is the world. Congress is the world, and no one objected to it and does not recognize any one outside this room, we are the United Nations. Will work “Ali Triki,” and “Ki-moon” administrative and legal formulas, and forming committees that would be put to a vote, that the Security Council becomes effective now consists of unions.
This is the justice and democracy, and finish the story that the Security Council occupied by certain countries. One has the atomic bombs, and one has the economic power, and one has the technology, and one had the technology. This is terrorism.
We can not live in a Security Council Msitralih who have overwhelming force. This is terrorism.
If you want a world united and peaceful lives in safety and peace, we are working this, but if you want us to live in terrorism and not so well, we live in a conflict. Continue to the conflict to the Day of Resurrection.
These seats are either to have a veto, or have no power at all.
Security Council in this range, either in which each of these seats federal veto, veto a final time to be repealed by the Security Council in its new composition.
This is the real security.
In all cases, the Security Council this in its new composition proposed by the General Assembly for a vote, is the operational tool of the General Assembly Nations.

Sovereignty when the United .. Now, when 190 nations are. Thus, all nations are equally present in the Security Council, as it exists equally in the General Assembly.
We are here in the General Assembly voices are equal, must be equal also in the room with us, which is the Security Council.
The fact that a country with veto .. And the state does not have the veto, the State has a permanent seat. And the state does not have a permanent seat on the Security Council, it was revoked as of now, do not succumb to him, do not recognize it at all, even if it exists, does not succumb to any decision by the Security Council in its current lineup.
.. We come now …. We were colonized … We were under guardianship, we boarded, we met now, and we want to decide the fate of the world in a democratic way preserve peace and security for all peoples and of nations large and equally small.Terrorism is not only al-Qaida terrorism, the current situation is the same terrorism.
Arbitration is for the majority of the votes in the General Assembly and not to any other party, and if the General Assembly voted on this come into effect, and no one can object and say that he is higher than the General Assembly, which say it is the highest out of the General Assembly of the United Nations remains the same.
.. Democracy is not the strongest, nor the richest, nor the terrorist who bullied, or that is the richest or most powerful .. Have a democracy, and have the upper hand.
Last word to all nations equal.
.. The Security Council is now a feudal security … Feudal political holders of permanent seats, protected and use it against us, and therefore is not called the Security Council but the Council of horror.

You see my brothers in our political life, such that if they want to use the Security Council to find shelter against us, and if were not needed to use them against us Etjahlonh, and if they have the benefit of the Charter in order to use it against us respect the Charter and Iqdssouna, and are looking for chapter VII to apply against this nation or that nation or the poor of this nation, but if they want to do something in violation of the Charter and the Charter of the Vijahlon if he does not exist.
To be the permanent seat and veto power to those who have the power, this outrageous gore and terror, we can not tolerate it anymore, and was living in its shadow.
.. Then the interests of major powers in a complex world, and used the veto, and used the Security Council, and use the power of the United Nations to protect their interests ..This terrorized the third world, third world is now feared … Living under terror.
.. The Security Council since it was created in 45 so far did not provide us security, but provided us with sanctions and terror .. Used only against us, so we are not obliged to obey the resolutions of the Security Council as of this letter Lent.
.. I have signed after the Security Council, 65 war against the whole of the Third World … Against small States, either fighting among themselves, or aggression of the big countries to small States, Security Council did not deter this aggression in violation of the Charter.

The General Assembly will vote on this historical solutions, and then either to continue together in a United one, and either split up into two parts: the United assemblies and equal to its own Security Council which is also equal, and remain the owners of adult permanent seats and veto-holders in the wall of their four or five or three, as they want, and we are not with them, and they have to apply the veto against each other .. Use the veto against each other …. This does not matter, and remain in the permanent seats. This Aehmna, permanent God.
But we can not as of now, to remain under the control of permanent and veto-holders, who gave it to themselves.
We did not give them this, and we are fools if we give a veto to the States and give them permanent seats, and blown up and other nations consider vile and inferiority, and they deserve a permanent seat and veto worthy.
Why Nhakr nations?!.
.. We did not decide this, this is the United maximize and sacred and respected .. .. These nations of the earth .. . Are these 190 nation.You know that now began to ignore the resolutions of the Security Council after we were sure that it is unjust and used against us only, not used against adults.
.. The Security Council can not be used against the owners of the permanent seats and veto-holders … Can not be a decision against them at all.
.. Permission is made against us, and consequently the decisions of the laugh over it and be ignored, and this has become a mockery of the United Nations, and became the business is done outside the United Nations: the aggression and wars, and go beyond the borders of Independent States and the destruction of sovereignty and independence, and war crimes, genocide, violation of the Charter, the Security Council exist. Are not interested in the Security Council.

and then, more importantly, that now have begun to form an international group of security and offer him their problems and issues, and little by little, the Security Council in its current lineup, which is in this room, it will be isolated:
. – The African Union is now a “Diamond”, which is the Security Council and AU Peace.
- The European Union now would be a Security Council.
- ASEAN will form the Security Council.
- Latin America will be a Security Council.
- Non-Aligned “one hundred and twenty-State”, submitted to it shall now be the Security Council.
This indicates that the Security Council have lost confidence in him, did not provide us with security, and thus Altjona to regional councils.
We are not obliged to obey the Security Council in its current lineup, which did not participate, namely, the combination of non-democratic … And dictatorial and oppressive, and no one can force us to stay in this Security Council, or to obey his orders.

Now, my brothers there is no consideration for the United Nations … The basis of the General Assembly of the United Nations, do not have any consideration of no value, nor any impact on the life of the world, or the security of the world, and then any binding decision.
International Court of Justice that an international judicial institution, its resolutions are applied to the young and the Third World countries, and refuses to apply the great powers.
Now, in front of me and provisions issued by the International Court of Justice, rejected the application of other States.
And the International Atomic Energy Agency, an important institution in the United Nations, are not subject to large States, and if we found it kept us up to us only.
Did not you say that it and an international agency!? If the international governing all countries of the world, but if we were not international lock the door in her face, and recognize them as of now … Of this letter Lent.
And “Ali Triki” in the General Assembly would interrogate the Director of Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, and questioning before him, and say to him Are you looking for on the stock of Atomic States Agency? Do you monitor the increase of this stock? Do you monitor the reduction of this stock?
.. If the subject said yes to me … Therefore, we also have a bow, but if I said I can not be approached from the major powers at which the atomic bombs, is not subject to me, and I have a Sultan it .. Therefore, we also do not bring us closer, and acknowledge them, and lock the door in her face.

And be in your information, gentlemen, I am I called “ElBaradei” in crisis, Libya’s atom bomb – the former director prior to this moment – and I said to him, “ElBaradei: Are Agreements to reduce weapons of mass destruction, which they agreed upon between the Agency, you watch it? Is it cut already? If increased state of atomic bombs or nuclear missiles, are you supervise this, and you have to have knowledge? “, he told me” Never, these big I could not ask her, do not approach them. ”
So you Jitna We just go out.This is not an international agency … Are kept for us.
The Security Council is guided us.
International Atomic Energy Agency are on us.
International Court of Justice are upon us, and they are immune.
This is not a United Nations.
This is not fair … This is not secure, this is unacceptable.

For Africa – Dr. Ali Triki – whether repaired or not the United Nations Isalehoha, even before the historic vote on the proposals now put forward by the General Assembly, and will be voted on;, Africa needs from now on for a permanent seat all of the powers of the Security Council a benefit from the past, even if you do not reform the United Nations on the table.
Africa is a continent isolated colony oppressed, they looked to animals, and then Nzero to slaves, and then looked to the colonies under trusteeship.
The continent .. African Union, deserves a permanent seat on the past benefit, such as China exactly nothing to do with this right reform of the United Nations.
.. This Matrouh priority ..This Matrouh immediately to the General Assembly, and no one says Africa .ا . The African Union, does not deserve a permanent seat.
Argument from him answer me, Inaqhani so far, who says he has proof that the African Union does not deserve a permanent seat, the African continent does not deserve a permanent seat?!.
No one can respond.

And before the General Assembly for a vote, compensation for countries that colonized.
Why? In order to avoid colonization, and repeated looting the wealth of peoples, and repeated migration of peoples and citizens of those who looted the wealth behind.
Why Africans go to Europe? Why Asians go to Europe? Why Latin America go to Europe?!.
Why? Because Europe colonized Africa, Asia and Latin America, and took gold, silver, copper, diamonds, iron, uranium, precious metals, oil and all fruit and vegetables, animals and humans.
Now a new generation of African, Asian and Latin America, being behind the looted wealth, and has the right, and we are unable to stop it.
A. When I stopped going to the African-Europe on the borders of Libya, to tell him where are you going? .. Tell me I’m going to my fortune stolen Prepared for me, even if I will stay by me.
Return it to him? .. They attribute to him .. ا. Work returns a decision of this wealth in order to stop migration.
From the Philippines to Latin America to Mauritius to India, we attributed the looted wealth.

Africa deserves compensation of “777″ trillion Seven hundred and seventy-seven trillion in compensation to the African States are required by the colonized, and Africa will be prompted to do so.
If you return to us “777″ trillion, will go to where the African Isttmrtm the trillions, and they have the right to go to and walk behind them.
They attribute to them, and stopped by.
. There is no exodus of Libya to Italy, which is the nearest country to Libya.
Why there is no migration of Libya to Italy? Italy approved the compensation because the Libyan people from colonialism, and apologized, and worked a treaty with Libya and approved by the Italian people and the Libyan people, the last page has been turned.
Italy and recognized that colonialism error and the program failed, and will not return.
Italy will not allow aggression against Libya by land, sea or air from Italy, or any other attack on Libya in the Treaty and approved by the Italian Parliament, and Italy to compensate Libya for 20 years for its colonization of Libya .. Paid in each quarter of a billion years, and build a hospital for the transplant of the Parties to the Libyans, who cut off their limbs mines planted by Italy, because Italy’s presence in Libya in World Wars I and II.
She apologized and regretted this colonization, she is impossible that a country that occupies the territory of another State, and remained there, and that this mistake Italy property Italy Afassip.
This Italy is now in glory, historical work .. The work of civilization in the era of “Berlusconi”, should be role models, and even Oedadh who’ve done this before, and arrived to this conclusion.
ا Third World demand their right to compensation, why? . In order to avoid colonialism once again .. Even know what a third world country one day become a strong and desires in the colonization of other countries of the world when it becomes the first second or third, that in the day Sitalponha compensation . Permission to say no, I will not colonized this country.
In order not to be repeated colonization colonization must be held accountable, and criminalized, and compensate for the damage done by colonialism.

And then the other point which I have to face patiently, but before I say this point is a bit sensitive, there are phrases in brackets I’ll say it.
” We do not doubt, especially Africans Mpsootoon and proud of the fact that a son of the sons of Africa govern the United States of America, this historic event.
On what was black does not enter the cafe in which the eggs .The restaurant in which the eggs .. Not riding the bus in which the eggs, now the voice of the American people unrivaled enthusiasm for “Obama” young black Kenyan African to be president of the United States.
This is great we are proud, and we consider that it could be the beginning of change, and so is to raise the slogan of change.
But for me I am, take it “Obama” a flash in the dark period of four years or eight years, and then I am afraid that “Halima back to square one.”
Who guarantees the U.S. after “Obama”?! Be guaranteed? Many of you guaranteed? You are guaranteed? You are guaranteed that there? O estimates “on” or “Ki-moon”? !. !.
Is not possible. . No one is guaranteed.
We are satisfied now if “Obama” is in power always in the United States.

Our son’s speech, which he said “Obama” before me, do not disagree with him ever, which is entirely different from any American president we ever had.
اAmerican former, what do they say? “massif ordenance benetraite ” – Here’s words: “They say we’ll send you cast bullets, bombs and mother, and the MOB or bombs that are” massif ordenance benetraite “- this seems to Jeddah bombs .. there is no translation but then so on – and send to you Grapes of Wrath and summer rains, and send you the Desert Storm , and send you rolling thunder, and send you a rose toxic to children in Libya in 86.. ”
This was the logic, when a U.S. president on this platform.
kat noy”. This was the address us, and terrified the world, “We will send you rolling thunder also sent to Vietnam, we’ll send you creeping Thunder has also been sent to Vietnam, and we’ll send you the Desert Storm and sent to Iraq, and we’ll send you a knight and sent to Egypt in 56 – to America with the time against a jockey – and we’ll send you a rose toxic “El Dorado” “kat noy” Reagan sent the children to Libya in 86. ”
Imagine a large head of state to reassure and then a permanent seat on the Security Council, and we expect that it will protect our independence and protect us from aggression, “says Rose decided to send children to toxic Libya, and smell it die.”
What are the rose toxic? Laser bombs, is mounted (111.f) bomber.
The logic that had prevailed, and they say “we will lead the world, and of Snwdb Hikhalva, and Ijbkm you like or not.”

Now you would prefer to speak by our son, “Obama” Speech is quite different, reason to get rid of nuclear weapons seriously, and this is something we applaud him.
He says that America can not solve the world’s problems alone, the world has to solve its problems.
“The situation we’re in now can not continue so we meet the khutbah and walk,” this is something we agree with it.
“The United Nations has always been a platform to attack the differences we meet each other,” It is true we must conclude from this and unite the international institutions which we all are equal and reassure them.
He says, “Democracy can not be imposed from outside.”
While President Bush long ago, says “We have to impose democracy on Iraq, and from, and from, and to whom..”
He said “This .. is an internal state is democratic or work .. every single culture, and every one legacy” .. True, this speech was missing.
And therefore must be aware of before the critical point.
My world stood slightly in front of the phrase “multi-polar world.”
Is it necessary to be a multi-polar world?. Not be equal all nations? Please advise us? Is there anyone has the answer, says a multi-polar world better.
Why not be equal nations without poles? Is necessary to have a patriarch? Necessary to have a Pope? (What is to you?) Do not need to have gods?!.
Why multi-polar world?!.
We live under the grinding poles, we reject the multi-polar world.

We want a world in which equal nations large and small, without any pole.

Critical point, gentlemen: It is the headquarters of the United Nations .. . The headquarters.
All of you are coming from behind the oceans and continents, you came across the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific and Asia, Europe and Africa to pray for this place .. Why?
Is this Jerusalem? Is this the Vatican? Is this Mecca?!.
And each of you Tabanon and asleep, you may change the timing, and in a deplorable state in terms of physical One has now reached twenty hours in the air, and do you want to deliver the here and talk about the fate of the world.
All of you are sleeping now, it is clear that all of you Tabnon.
Why? Why is this fatigue?!.
You are now sleeping in your country this time .Asleep at midnight and you are now shouted, and is supposed to be asleep because this Tokitk.
I woke up today at the Fourth Time in New York before dawn, because in Libya is equal to the eleventh hour of the day I woke up late and take it when I wake up at eleven o’clock in Libya.
From the fourth time I cried.
Think about it, tell me why this fatigue?, If this situation in 45, will have to continue to be so far? . .
Not thinking in the place of the average comfortable?.
This is the first point.

Other valid point that America is the host country bears the burden of securing United Nations Headquarters, and to secure permanent missions, and provide dozens of heads of state who come every year to this place, and tight security, and the expenses and costs, and lives in New York and all America is on edge.
I want to relieve them of this burden ..You have eased the burden on America, and Ashkroha .. Say thank you to America, and we want to help you, you, and we want you to New York Ttmini, and it will be American Ttmini, and will not Taathmli responsible for dozens of heads coming here.
Suppose that one’s plane blows .. Blow one’s car . Comes a terrorist blows this building.
This building – for your information – a target of al Qaeda.
Yes, this building, and wonder how on 9 – 11 did not beat? This is something outside their control . Perhaps the aircraft that were aborted, was bound to this place.
The next target is this place.
I do not speak in a vacuum We have dozens of al Qaeda members in prison, under arrest, and confessions are very troubling. (Then share!)
This makes the U.S. live on the nerves that may be building architecture for the United Nations has been attack by a hijacked plane or a missile, is also possible that dozens of presidents die.
We want to rid America of this concern Tell her thank you, we want to help you, we want to move the headquarters to the place that is not the target.

Imposed after 50 years, moves headquarters to another part of the globe.
Fifty years in the Western Hemisphere, is enough.
The other 50 years, in the middle of the globe or in the eastern half, and so every 50 years in part: east, west, center.
We stayed now 64 years, an increase of 14 years for the period should be relocated with Headquarters. Of course, this does not affect the American thing, but this service to America, and to help America, and thank her, and that this thing was around in 45, can not be happening now . We do not accept now.
Matrouh this course for a vote in the General Assembly, only in the General Assembly to Article 23 of the 26 / 7 / 47 says, “may not be transferred the headquarters of the United Nations only a decision of the General Assembly by simple majority” If 51% of the General Assembly and agreed to the relocation, moves headquarters.
We are not forced to bear all this fatigue, that come from India and the Philippines and Australia, the Comoros, here.
I am surprised that my brother the president, “Ahmed” spent 14 hours in Jawmn Comoros, and said to him, Come preach at the United Nations . It will address how even the timing of the change?!.

And there are some limitations that have been annoying people coming from ..America then the right to operate tight restrictions because they are targeted al-Qaeda Of terrorists, then right, and we do not discuss them in this ever, but we assume that these procedures is not necessary.
Why? Why? You to come to New York?!.
Is not necessary to come to New York, there is no need for these procedures.
I have complained to me the President, he told me they said to him, your co-pilot does not come to America because it has limits, said to them, how can we pass the ocean without manned assistant?! They said to him cross the ocean without an assistant.
Why? Why? .. Is not compelled in the end .. Never come.
He complained to me of another president, he told me that “al-Yawar,” its said to him, does not enter the U.S. because his name was the “disturbing” .. there is objection to it, he came without the “Yawar.”
He complained to me of another president, he told me they said to him, with your current doctor does not .. its a visa problem, does not fall for America.

Actions you see here is very, very strict, and if there was a problem with America, then of course predicting the Special Envoy and the Special Delegation of the .. You have 50 step in this party You have 500 meters Tmhihm in this region, like in Guantanamo Bay.
This member of the United Nations, or a prisoner in Guantanamo?!.
This is before the General Assembly for a vote, Dr. “Ali” Vote on the transfer of the seat or not.
If he said “51″ per cent of the relocation, we come to a vote on whether the second is moving the headquarters of the Central hemisphere or east?!.
Suppose they said to the middle earth, here’s a candidate Sirte and Vienna, shall be voted upon: Do you in the center of the globe you want to have headquarters in Sirte, or in Vienna?.
Iemczua of Sirte ..I walk 1000 km and no one prevents you Come on your plane Miliana people who you, even without a visa as long as with the President, you are allowed.
Country safe.
Reasonable to say you do not walk, only 500 meters?!.
Libya and has no enmity with anyone, nor is it targeted, and Vienna as well as I do not think the restrictions like this.

And when he transferred the headquarters of the vote the eastern hemisphere, the vote on the Delhi capital of India, Beijing, China.
This, O brothers something logical, and can not object to it.
After that, you say God bless you you who Jitna this proposal, and Park who voted, and had got rid of the burden to stay in the air 14 hours, 20 hours, 5 hours, so we come to this place, why?.
Nor anyone says that the U.S. is now often reduce their contribution.
Why do you think probably bad in America?! Ever, America is a country committed to its obligations to the UN organization .. Will not sad or say anything.
Why sad? On the contrary, because you Sthkurkm Khvvtm by the burden.
This is good they found it I say Sokhvv the burden on America Rest of the restrictions on delegations, these restrictions on the headquarters, and an increase in the headquarters, the target.

Come after that, the issues investigated by the General Assembly headed by “Ali Abdel Salam Triki”.
We will put ourselves . Will put the United Nations is now, either end, either start a new United Nations that the Security Council to the General Assembly.
This meeting is unusual, not normal, and even my son, “Obama,” said these words before me, he said that this meeting unusual .. This historic meeting.
First, the wars that took place after the United Nations, to what occurred? And where the Security Council, where the General Assembly? And how is it? And where the Charter.
To be investigated, and the issuance of the provisions about them, and genocides have occurred in them.
- – We will start the Korean War, this occurred after the United Nations .. How is the war and millions of victims, and almost used the atomic bomb, the Korean War still exist so far as possible time bomb to get a new war, Korea, and the possible use of nuclear weapons.
A serious issue, we must prosecute those who caused this war, and losses, and pay the price, and tried, and sentenced.
- We come then to the Suez war of 56, must be investigated, and open this file even close.
Why countries with a permanent seat on the Security Council and then the veto, the attack on one member in the Assembly .. Member of the United Nations .. A sovereign state is Egypt, destroying its cities and its channel and its army, and kill thousands of Egyptians, because they exercised their right to nationalize the Suez Canal?!.
How to get this in the era of the United Nations? Under this charter, which you tell us it? And how to assure that this does not happen again, only if the accounting for the past?!.
This is a serious issue.
War of Korea, the Suez war, we have to open its archives until the lock.

Then come back to the Vietnam War that 3 million victims, has been used in the Vietnam War during the past 12 days, more than shells that were used in 4 years in World War II.
ا Missiles that were thrown in World War II during the 4 years, were more of them during the 12 days in the Vietnam War.
How do we stay silent on it?!.
The worst of World War II, and we after World War II work of the United Nations, and we will not fall far from the wars.
Here took place, will walk and salvation?! . .
This is the fate of mankind, we can not be silent about it.
How to insure today and tomorrow, we and our children and grandchildren?! ..
We here at the top of the world, this world parliament, this is the fate of the world at your world.

Then the issue of Panama.
Has been the invasion of Panama, which is an independent member of the United Nations .. Member of this Assembly, 4000 Panamanians were killed, was arrested on the President, and the transfer of a prisoner of war, and was tried as a criminal and put in prison in another state.
And put this case in the General Assembly, must be released, “Noriega.”
We must open this file, and how the right of a Member State of the United Nations leading to infringe on the State Junior of the United Nations, takes its Chairman, and kill four thousand citizens, and would take him a criminal and put in prison?!. Than accept this?!.
This may be repeated, and can not be silent about it, and should we make, every one of us vulnerable to this .. All of us were vulnerable to this, especially when aggression is a country with a permanent seat on the Security Council supposed to guarantee security.

After the war of Grenada .. The invasion of this country who is a member of the United Nations seven thousand troops, and five thousand warships, and dozens of fighter aircraft to the smallest country in the world.
After the United Nations, after a Security Council Bmhadh permanent revocation was the attack on that country, which name of Grenada, were killed its president, “Maurice Bishop.”
How to pass this coolness and peace .. How to pass? How to ignore this tragedy?.
To judge on the United Nations is present or not, that the Security Council benefit or no benefit, and whether we are going the wrong way, or in the right way, to insure the future and whether or not to insure.
- You will then be investigated in the bombing of Somalia.
Somalia member of the United Nations .Member of this Assembly, was bombed, which is independent in the era of “Farah Aidid” Finally, we will achieve in what is the result of this bombing, and why, and allowed it?.

(?)ar Yugoslavia, are known.
Can not be a peaceful country such as Yugoslavia has built itself brick by brick, after being destroyed by the “Hitler”, we come and destroy us once again like “Hitler” second!!.
Haram, Yugoslavia Yugoslav Federation, a peaceful country was built by “Tito” hero of peace, brick by brick, and after he died “Tito” you come for the former Yugoslavia Tqtonha piece by piece to the personal interests of imperialism?!.
How do we assure the other if the peaceful state of Yugoslavia .. Yugoslavia is a threat to anybody?!. Ever.
This verification by the General Assembly, and who consider his conversion to the International Criminal Court.

then the Iraq war, “the mother of sins”, would the United Nations, the General Assembly of Nations, headed by the mother, “Ali Triki,” achieved in the Iraq war.
: Iraq war beneath four very serious issues:
First: the invasion of Iraq in itself a violation of the Charter, without justification, is of major countries with permanent seats on the Security Council, Iraq is an independent member of the General Assembly .. How to abuse them?! How can we not apply the Charter, which says the suppression of aggression?!
: I read you this from the beginning that the United Nations suppress aggression, and I’ll give you an example:
“When Iraq attacked Kuwait on, they came directly to the Charter, and said that the United Nations must be suppressed aggression, and we agreed to all of us, and the brotherly Arab countries of Iraq, took part together in the war with foreign countries to deter Iraqi aggression against Kuwait and we are against this invasion .. Arab countries Iraq fought with foreign countries on behalf of the Charter.
And when the aggression on Iraq, why not apply the Charter? . .
In the first Charter was sacred, and the second time put the Charter in the trash where they ignored because they want to attack the Iraq. ”
Why did not the United Nations to deter aggression against Iraq? What is the reason?!.
Required O “Ali,” Verification of the General Assembly and show the world the reason for invading Iraq for what? Because it is something mysterious we all may face him. Why was the invasion of Iraq? Invasion in itself a serious violation.

I: After the invasion of Iraq itself, there is a genocide Achieved in the genocide in Iraq have been killed more than a million and a half million Iraqis in the genocide.
Aruna International Criminal Court, which we will turn to those who practiced genocide against the Iraqi people?!.
It is easy to say for “Bashir” go to court, it is easy, “Slobodan,” go to court, it is easy, “Tyler” go to court, it is easy “Habré” go to court, and goes “Noriega!”.
Ok, who practiced genocide in Iraq does not go to the International Tribunal?! . .
If the court kept us, these courts reject, not recognize them.
Either to submit to all of us, but we do not recognize them.
Each one of our old ones and young ones should be subject to the International Criminal Court If we make bad act, shall be referred to the Court.
We are not animals in a corral Ivbhonna in the feast as they please.
United we have the right to live above ground and well-deserved under the sun, and is ready to fight and die and die and live under this situation, and Jrbuna.

third issue is the death penalty .. Prisoners of war in Iraq, how to be executed? . .
How is the execution of prisoners of war? President of Iraq and his government when he was arrested, declared the occupied countries of Iraq, they are prisoners of war.
Snhakmha this: prisoners of war, prisoner of war is not executed, nor tried, and released after the end of the actual operations.
Executed by the president of Iraq? . Accept.
We know from the Governor The name of the judge known, and his face is known, identity unknown.
Of the executed? Who carried out the ruling on Eid al-Adha? Who will answer? Masked people dressed carried out the death penalty … Is it permissible for you, this world?.
If the civilized world, and they are prisoners of war in civilized countries, and under international law; How is the execution of heads of state and government by a gang disguised in fancy dress? Of those who carried out the death penalty? Who are they? Do you have the power to control the judiciary? Have the legal authority to execute a prisoner of war, or one doomed to death by the court?!.

Do you know what people say?!.
Some people say that President Bush and President are British Disguised, they who carried out the death penalty in the Iraqi president and his government, and the charges will come to the refuted.
Yes, why not Ieron their faces? Why can not they be arranged? Why not be the identity and clear: Is it officer? Is it a non-commissioned officer? Is it a soldier? Is it a judge?. Is he a doctor?!.
How is the execution of a member of the President of the United Nations and the Government, in this mysterious way?!.
Even now I do not know who carried out the death sentence the day of Eid.
States that invaded Iraq and captured the Iraqi president and his government and Hakmohm and sentenced to death, is responsible, but the execution is something obscure to date, and must be answered by the United Nations.
Which is control by a court of law and to be hanged, who will carry out the death sentence had the same legal identity, and have the powers of law enforcement officers, and responsible, and know name, rank and identity, and the presence of a doctor, and with all the requirements for the execution of a person, even the ordinary man, what less a head of state member of the United Nations.
This war in Iraq.

fourth case in the Iraq war, is Abu Ghraib, a shameful affront to humanity.
I know that America will make possible in the scandal, the Government and its authorities.
But the United Nations will not leave this issue.
General Assembly of the United Nations will investigate this issue .. The issue of Abu Ghraib prison in which prisoners of war who have been torturing and mutilated them, and Tnechehem dogs alive, raped the men were prisoners of war.

What those who preceded you by one of the occupiers, as the length of his people ((as those who preceded you by one of the worlds)).
Even you what those who preceded you by one of the occupiers and aggressors.
Even the devil does not work Men prisoners of war, being raped at Abu Ghraib prison, in a Member State of the United Nations and is the nation with a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council .. !!! Any Security Council this!!!
This humanitarian issue can not be tolerated at all, and must be investigated, and bring to a solution, must be known to the world.
So far, the present – my brothers – a quarter million Iraqi prisoner at Abu Ghraib, men and women, and you saw how to be treated.
This must not be forgotten or leave it, but must be where the investigation.

then the war in Afghanistan is also being where the investigation.
Why antagonize the Taliban? Why antagonize Afghanistan? It is the Taliban? . .
.. If the Taliban, Afghanistan is a religious work, Feltamlha a religious state, and what we have .. Such as the Vatican, the Vatican is a danger to us? Never .. . A religious state, very peaceful.
If he had wanted to work their Afghan Islamic emirate, let it be like the Vatican.
Who said that the Taliban enemy, and mobilized armies to cite?!.
Is bin Laden Afghans? Is bin Laden Talabani? . Ever.
Bin Laden is not the Taliban, not Afghans.
Are the terrorists who struck New York City where we are now, they are Afghans? Are they from the Taliban?! أبداً .. Never .. . Non-Afghans, not from the Taliban.
So why Iraq, Afghanistan and why?!.

I if I want to Ogrr my friends the Americans and British, not possible to say this, but encourage them and tell them, go ahead and Please send more troops to Afghanistan, Ziduha, even drown in a bath of blood, because they will not reach any conclusion in Afghanistan nor in Iraq.
You have seen in Iraq what happened to them, even though the Iraq desert and open land, let alone Afghanistan These mountains to the Day of Resurrection, no one can defeat them One Butt in the mountain “on Mount Khac Bakadomp” as they say exactly.
Sogrr them if you tell them “true, true .. Keep up the war in Afghanistan, continued in Iraq.”
But I want to be rescued, that saved the people of this poor people .. America and other countries fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, and tell them why not leave Afghanistan to Afghans, and leave Iraq to Iraqis .. . Let them go, even if they fought each other, they are free.
So here was in the American civil war, intervention in it?.
Was not there a war in America?! Interference from them.
Is not there a civil war in Spain, and a civil war in China, civil wars everywhere in the world?!.
Let it not a civil war.
Leave the Iraqis are fighting each .Are free, leave the Afghans were fighting each other.

Who said that if the Taliban ruled Afghanistan become serious.
Is the Taliban, then intercontinental missiles? Is the aircraft that hit New York – this place -, launched from Afghanistan, or Iraq?.
We started from the airport here, “Kennedy” This is in New York, and how to go and strike Afghanistan?!.
Are not Afghans, nor are they the Taliban, nor are the Iraqis.
How do these things, we stay silent on it? Saket on the right dumb devil, and we are not to be mute demons.
This is our right, we are keen to peace in the world .. Keen on the fate of the world, do not want to Nsthtr humanity, the human race in this way.

When you, “Ali,” open the door of the General Assembly also investigate the assassinations.
You open a new investigation into the assassination “Patrice Lumumba” .. Who assassinated “Patrice Lumumba”, and why?.
We want to be recorded in our history of Africa, and see how they are assassinated and killed the leader of African-American editor.
من قتله ؟ Who killed him? We want to take due note in history, even taught our children that the hero in history “Patrice Lumumba” a hero of African liberation Congolese killed in circumstances as well as well, and killed him as well as well, and took place after fifty years – for example – Accounting and conviction who has done work.
This opens the file again, and you shall be returned to the documents first.

the killing of the Secretary-General of the United Nations “Hammarskjöld”?!.
From the dawn of his plane in 61 The same year that killed “Lumumba”?.
. Aircraft from the dawn of the Secretary-General?!.
How to object to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, blowing up his plane, and remain silent on it?!.
Detonated by?!. From his interest in this?!.

then the killing of “Kennedy” in 63.
General Assembly of the United Nations, opens the file of the assassination, “Kennedy” the American President. We want to know.
Killed and one named “Lee Harvey,” The one named “Jack Ruby” and killing “Lee Harvey” murderer “Kennedy. Why kill him?.
“Jack Ruby,” an Israeli, was killed “Lee Harvey” who was killed “Kennedy.”
Why is Israel, killing a killer “Kennedy”?!.
.. Moreover, “Jack Ruby” murderer killer “Kennedy,” died in mysterious circumstances, before a re-trial Why?!.
Go back to the files, must be known.
ا .. I know and probably known to the world . And which we have studied in history, that “Kennedy” has decided to inspect the Israeli Dimona reactor is the atomic bombs or not?.
For this reason, been eliminated.
As long as is an international issue like this relating to world peace and weapons of mass destruction, must open an investigation into the cause of murder “Kennedy.”

And you open the file “Martin Luther King” black pastor calling for Human Rights who was killed by a conspiracy.
To be open this file, and find out who killed him and hold him accountable.
- And then killed, “Khalil al-Wazir” “Bugead” Palestinians and to assault him in a sovereign member of the Assembly is Tunisia, which was located in the capital in safety, Veetm attacked four ships, two submarines and two helicopters, and respects the independence of the state to kill, “Khalil al-Wazir “.
How do we stay silent on an issue like this Means remain vulnerable every day brings new submarines, warships and comes to us on our shores, and you want to take from him and looked forward, not Nhasabha.
The killing of “Llian” . Look at the mysterious circumstances that have killed.
- After that, the name “Operation Al-Fardan,” or the “Fountain of Youth” This process in which “Kamal Nasser” a poet, and “Kamal Adwan,” and “Abu Yousef Al Najjar.”
Three Palestinians were assaulted in a free and sovereign member of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Lebanon in its capital, and they are safe, have been assaulted and killed.
This case we must know who did it, and Nhasabh In order to avoid this absurd situation in human beings.

how they were killed, “Maurice Bishop” and the attack on Grenada, and we’ve talked about how you were attacked on Grenada, and you ship you a soldier.
We said that Grenada was attacked by 7000 troops and 15 warships and dozens of aircraft Almguenblp, and killed its president, “Bishop”, a member of this Assembly.
. Can not tolerate these crimes, but we will be offering all of us, and every year comes round one.
.. We are not animals tied to sacrifice We are defending our existence, and ourselves, and our children and grandchildren.
. We are not afraid, we’ve got the right to life.
ا This planet is not made the major states, manufacturer God for all of us.
Do you live in submissive?! أبداً . Ever.

And then open an investigation into the gruesome massacres:
. – Sabra and Shatila massacre 3000 the lives of human beings.
This area was under the protection of the Israeli occupying army, and signed by the massacre of men, women and children of Palestinians, most of them Palestinians 3000. How do we stay silent on it?
3000 . Lebanon an independent state, and a member of this Assembly, it was colonized, and has control over the Sabra and Shatila massacre of 3000 was.
- . – After the massacre of Gaza in 2008.
. For your information a victim 1000 women between the dead and wounded, and 2200 children . . Means 3200 children and women only.
.. The destruction of 50 institutions of the United Nations, belonging to this Assembly, and the destruction of 30 non-governmental institution . . International relief organizations, and the destruction of 60 clinics.
Were killed 40 nurses and doctors who were practicing their humanitarian work.
This in the massacre of Gaza in 12 months in 2008.
The perpetrators are alive, and must turn to the International Criminal Court.
Or that does not turn only “lying wind” for the International Criminal Court, but the small third world countries, and those not protected are turning to the Criminal Court.
. If it is not international, we also do not recognize them, but if everyone was an international subject.
.. As long as the International Court of Justice does not respect its provisions are not implemented, and the IAEA is not for all countries, and the General Assembly are now none, and the Security Council like a personal fiefdom monopolist security So what is the United Nations? . Nothing.
Who is the United Nations? There is no United Nations.

and then piracy .. . Possible that the phenomenon of piracy are widespread in all the sea, and become a threat such as terrorism.
: Now speak of the Somali piracy:
.. I tell you that the Somali pirates are not . . We are pirates, we who Iatdina for fish, and to the livelihood of their children, and on the economic waters, and their territorial waters.
.. All Svenkm . .. Libya to India to Japan to America, any country in the world, all of us pirates . We Iatdina the waters of Somalia.
After the collapsed state of Somalia came Nnhishha, Somalis in order to defend the wealth of fish are feed themselves and their children .. Turned to the pirates to defend it.
And now you want to Tajawha wrong address .. Said send warships to hit the Somali No, but Send warships hit the pirates who attacked the wealth of the Somalis, and to the livelihood of their children . . When you find a foreign fishing vessel just go Adharboha.

In any event, I met with the pirates, and I told them I will be working Treaty between you and the world .. .. Convention, that the world respects the economic zone of the Somali is a range of two hundred nautical miles according to the law of the sea, all of Marine Resources in this region are the property of the Somali ..World of respect for this region.
This number one.
.. Number two is that all States refrain from dumping toxic waste in the economic waters Somali .. . On the shores of Somalia, Somali contrast refrain from attacking ships.
We will make this Treaty and the Convention, and to give the General Assembly of the United Nations.
This is the solution, not more ships to hit the Somalis.
Now Worse, they have worked warships to prevent Somalis from the ports to get out of hunting for fish to their children.
We deal with piracy wrong, and we deal with terrorism error, and we deal with diseases error.

Diseases we deal with an error ..!. How?!.
.. If the serum of the disease, which spreads such as “goat pig nose” – was coming to you “nose goat fish” in the future, as the plants of the intelligence services operate – sells at heavily subsidized, meaning trade .. Make a virus and spread it in the world to corporate capitalism is obtained money selling drugs.
.. Such Shame on you, Valomassal not sold .. Medicine is not for sale.
Read the Green Book, it does not allow the sale of medicine.
Medicine is not for sale.
Declared, and say that the medicine is free, serum free, and will not spread viruses, because they work so they create vaccines, and to gain from corporate capitalism.
This error handling.
.. Declared that the free drugs are not sold, and even if the real virus should not sell vaccines . . Must be given free of charge.
World make the effort and the maker of the vaccine in order to save himself.

These are all displayed in the files and issues discussed by the General Assembly of the United Nations, and has no work, but this work.
… Then the Ottawa Convention prohibiting the manufacture and transfer of mines and selling them … And so on.
This is wrong, mines is not a means to attack, is a means of defense.
Mine does not move, not attacking it wherever placed only survive if you came to him.
Why come to him?! I want to plant mines on the borders of my country, and you are gripping my limits Feltqta your hand and your feet.
I ask you to re-signatory to the “Ottawa Convention”, to consider.
- This talk is in the “Internet” in “Gaddafi speaking” -.
This is a convention be canceled or amended.
Want to Egerdona even mines against human beings.
.. I want to work for mines in front of my house and in front of my farm .. . This is a means of defense, not as a means of attack.
Abolish the atomic bombs and cruise missiles to the border.

As for the question of Palestine, the two-state solution is impossible .. I ask you not talk to it.
The solution of one democratic state for Jews and Muslims and Palestinians, Christians and others, such as Lebanon.
.. They both impractical solution .. .. Can not be .. .. There are no two adjacent .. Are now fully intertwined overlap, and the failure of the division is inevitable.
.. First, these two countries are intertwined, they are intertwined and cut across one another in terms of population and geographical . .. Are intertwined in each other .. . No two states, and can not operate a buffer zone between them, because they do not exist between them.
ا. West Bank where half a million Israeli settlers, the so-called “Israel” a million Palestinian settlers .. How Stamlhma two!?.
.. Should the world is going to impose a democratic state without religious intolerance and intolerance and national language, because intolerance is reactionary, and this is something done and time .. .. This is over … These are ideas that Iron Guard, the ideas of the third world war such as “Yasser Arafat” and “Sharon”.
Here are finished.
The new generation wants of one democratic state, and we must make every effort, they impose a single state and the people are all living in peace.
Look for Palestinian youth and Israeli They want peace, and want to live in one state.
Finish of the migraine, which destroy and poison the whole world.
” -. This is the White Paper in which the solution “Isratine” – to take him with you later “to” -.

Arabs have no enmity with Israel .. . Their cousins, and they live with them in peace.
. Palestinian refugees would return, and live in one country in peace.
.. You who Hrqtamohm . You would have them to the Holocaust, you would have them to the Holocaust, you would have them to gas chambers in Europe.
You who hate the Jews, and not us.
We Aoenahm Hmenahm and Roman times, and the days of expulsion from Andalusia, and the days of war, “Hitler” and furnaces “Hitler” and poison gas, gas genocide.
.. We who Hmenahm . . You Trdtamohm, and you go to fight the Arabs.
.. Let us expose the truth …. We are not enemies of the Jews .. . Our cousins, the Jews in one day will need to the Arabs, the Arabs will not protect them in the future as protected them in the past.
ا!. Look what the work of “Titus”, and what the work of “Hadrin”, and what the work of “Edward I”, and what the work of “Hitler” in the Jews?!.
.. You Tlounam .. . Hate-Semitism.

The issue of Kashmir is not short of a solution than to be an independent buffer state between India and Pakistan .. . And not an Indian or Pakistani, and end this conflict.
As for the “Darfur”, I hope to become global aid organizations Tgon them to development projects, industrial and pastoral and agricultural.
And now Darfur, Aisha in peace, and no war.
You who Kbertmoha to intervene and have you a foothold, and for oil, and Tdhon the people of Darfur.

Why do I say that these issues should be to achieve it?.
.. Because you already transforming the problem of Hariri – God have mercy – to the United Nations .. Why?!.
You want to Tdhawwa you will take the blood of Hariri and Hariri and body Tabieoh, in order to describe the accounts with Syria.
Otherwise, how could it not Lebanon an independent state, then on behalf of law and courts and police, in order to get to the perpetrators.
But this way is not required of offenders, what is needed is a showdown with Syria, and sacrifice the Hariri case we will not reach a conclusion in the Hariri case.
So the issue of “Abu Iyad”, and “Khalil al-Wazir,” and “Kennedy”, and “Lumumba”, and “Hammarskjöld”, are transferred to the United Nations like any other.In any event, the General Assembly under the chairmanship of Libya – and this is right – and Libya, which can be work to do is to help the world move from stage to stage .. .. Of this world who now wander . .. Painful .. .. Miserable .. .. Terrified .. .. Feared .. . Threatened, to the human world in which peace and the tolerance.
. I am I will continue this work with the General Assembly, with the “Triki”, with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, because we do not appease and uncompromising in the fate of mankind.
And the struggle of mankind for a living in peace, and the struggle of the Third World in particular, the small States of the 100 deserved to live under the sun and above the earth, the struggle continued until the end.
Peace be upon you.


Hundreds of US, British and French military advisers have arrived in Cyrenaica, Libya's eastern breakaway province, DEBKAfile's military sources report exclusively. This is the first time America and Europe have intervened militarily in any of the popular upheavals rolling through the Middle East since Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution in early January. The advisers, including intelligence officers, were dropped from warships and missile boats at the coastal towns of Benghazi and Tobruk Thursday Feb. 24, for a threefold mission:

1. To help the revolutionary committees controlling eastern Libyan establish government frameworks for supplying two million inhabitants with basic services and commodities;

2. To organize them into paramilitary units, teach them how to use the weapons they captured from Libyan army facilities, help them restore law and order on the streets and train them to fight Muammar Qaddafi's combat units coming to retake Cyrenaica.

3. The prepare infrastructure for the intake of additional foreign troops. Egyptian units are among those under consideration.



"Why and how was British business seduced by Libya? There were two prizes. First, oil and gas. With 44.3bn barrels of proven reserves, Libya has more oil than any other African country, four times as much as Britain and Norway combined. A confidential document recently released by the UK government declares that Libya is one of the few countries “with medium-term capacity to bring significantly more energy to world markets”."

“Libya has oil and so do other countries whose regimes we would not voluntarily choose,” he says. “The world needs energy and the simple truth is that if we had been more fastidious in our approach, then other countries – notably China – would have moved in to take our place.” – Jack Straw

(Financial Times, 25 Feb 2011)


Searchlight poll finds huge support for far right 'if they gave up violence'
Level of far-right support could outstrip that in France or Holland, says poll for Searchlight

Huge numbers of Britons would support an anti-immigration English nationalist party if it was not associated with violence and fascist imagery, according to the largest survey into identity and extremism conducted in the UK.

A Populus poll found that 48% of the population would consider supporting a new anti-immigration party committed to challenging Islamist extremism, and would support policies to make it statutory for all public buildings to fly the flag of St George or the union flag.

Anti-racism campaigners said the findings suggested Britain's mainstream parties were losing touch with public opinion on issues of identity and race.

The poll suggests that the level of backing for a far-right party could equal or even outstrip that in countries such as France, the Netherlands and Austria. France's National Front party hopes to secure 20% in the first round of the presidential vote next year. The Dutch anti-Islam party led by Geert Wilders attracted 15.5% of the vote in last year's parliamentary elections.

Anti-fascist groups said the poll's findings challenged the belief that Britons were more tolerant than other Europeans. "This is not because British people are more moderate, but simply because their views have not found a political articulation," said a report by the Searchlight Educational Trust, the anti-fascist charity that commissioned the poll.

According to the survey, 39% of Asian Britons, 34% of white Britons and 21% of black Britons wanted all immigration into the UK to be stopped permanently, or at least until the economy improved. And 43% of Asian Britons, 63% of white Britons and 17% of black Britons agreed with the statement that "immigration into Britain has been a bad thing for the country". Just over half of respondents – 52% – agreed with the proposition that "Muslims create problems in the UK".

Jon Cruddas, the Labour MP who fought a successful campaign against the British National party in his Dagenham and Rainham constituency in east London, said that the findings pointed to a "very real threat of a new potent political constituency built around an assertive English nationalism". The report identified a resurgence of English identity, with 39% preferring to call themselves English rather than British. Just 5% labelled themselves European.

Earlier this month David Cameron delivered a controversial speech on the failings of "state multiculturalism". The speech was seized on by the anti-Islamic English Defence League, which said that the prime minister was "coming round" to its way of thinking. BNP leader Nick Griffin also welcomed the speech as a sign that his party's ideas were entering "the political mainstream".

The poll also identified a majority keen to be allowed to openly criticise religion, with 60% believing they "should be allowed to say whatever they believe about religion". By contrast, fewer than half – 42% – said "people should be allowed to say whatever they believe about race".


Just look at how the US 'change faces' in Middle East?

"Changing faces" is one of the stunts featuring many of China's oldest local dramas, and this stunt is especially famous with Chuan opera, or the very popular traditional Sichuan opera.

Of late, the "political earthquake" has jolted countries in the Middle East region one after another. First of all, political earthquake in Tunisia has shattered the cozy world of entrenched Arab rulers and destroyed the image of their military-backed regimes to popular discount and grievances. State power in Tunisia was ruined by popular riots, which were followed by the 18-day turmoil in Egypt that "put a full stop" to President Hosni Mubarak's rule for some three decades.

On the morning of January 15, Tunisia state TV announced that Ben Ali officially resigned and Prime Minister Mohammed resumed power, and Internet contributed to the ousting of Ben Ali from power. On February 14, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak left Cairo for his winter home in the Sinai resort of Sharm el-Sheika, ending his 30-plus year autocratic rule.

To date, this kind of drastic, immense changes have also spilled over to other Arab nations to the concern of people worldwide, with its spreading pace stunning the rest of the world, but the United Sates, out of its strategic consideration, is shifty and capricious with a highest frequency fluctuations and makes its changing faces outdo that of veteran Sichuan opera performers.

Egypt is a "bellwether" state for the Arab region and also a "stabilizer" to balance the Middle East set-up. Mubarak was one a "close friend" of the United States, and he dealt severe blows to the Islamic Fundamental Group instead of compromising to this US arch enemy; he had faith in the Arab-Israel talks, a US cornerstone to help stabilizing the Middle East situation. When both sides in Egypt are looked in a "standoff at a street corner", the U.S made an active maneuvering and started to support him and US Vice President Biden publicly called him a "reliable ally".

Then, there was a turnaround in the position of the Obama administration, when demonstrations became increasing fierce and Mubarak was unable to control the situation. Then, US President Obama personally urged Mubarak to "make the right decision" to begin the transition "now", without explicitly saying he should step down.

Thus, the U.S. made Mubarack's "head-sails" trimmed with a sharp turnabout, and abandoned him at a critical moment. Washington's turning back on Mubarak not only disappointed other US Middle East allies, who had come to see clearly the natural disposition of the US Middle East diplomacy.

Control of the politics and capital of the Middle East region poses one of the US key links to beef up its global hegemony. The Middle East is situated in an intersection point where the vertical lines meet the line series of Europe, Asia and Africa, with a vital strategic position, and the region has built up substantial crude oils and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The region had verified a proven, accumulative reserve of 103.2 billion tons of residual fuel oil in 2009, or 55.6 percent of the proven total global oil reserve.

It is precisely for this reason that the successive post-War US governments held the view that "whoever controls the Middle East and its oil, control the world". In 1942, someone attempted to control the world by controlling the oil-rich Middle East and failed.

The US government has tried painstakingly to govern the Middle East region with massive resources and "put down a stake from both sides." It has not hesitated to support and prop up Israel at all costs so as to attain the goal of deterring other Middle East nations on the one hand and, on the other hand, it has worked hard to win over those in power in some Muslim countries and turn them into coordinators and spokesmen for spurring or pushing forward its Middle East strategy.

To Americans, either the former Iranian King Mohammad Reza Pahlavis deposed 32 years ago in the Iranian Revolution (1979) or Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned more than 10 days ago, both once had once a rule to play. When former Iranian King Mohammad Reza Pahlavis was ousted, he was abandoned like a pair of worn-out shoes. The same fate has come to Mubarak today, and people have seen as if in Mubarak the shadow of former Iranian King Pahlavis.

After the Sept. 11 attacks on the Pentagon and the world trade center in New York in 2001, the gravity in the US counter-terrorism has been focused at the Middle East region, and the United States seized every opportunity to promote the "Greater Middle East Initiative". The United States deems that only the Middle East democratization is secured, can the terrorism uprooted worldwide. In face of "democratic movement" in some Middle east countries, the Americans have not cheered it continuously but instead favors a "selective interference" or to "fade them from memory."

A brightest and most vivid example comes from Iran and Libya, which the U.S. has been pleased to see them "turn colors" as soon as possible, and as for those Middle East nations with its heavy military presence it underscored that the "situation is different" from nation to nation, or it would be "looking for what the best possible thing to eat before food."

So, it is crystal clear that people are not hard to understand why the "democracy", "freedom", and other frequently mentioned "lofty ideals", "the universal value" and the attitudes of Middle East nations at every stage is volatile and changeable; and the only one thing is permanent, and that is the control of strategic benefits by the United States.

By People's Daily Online and its author PD desk editor Liu Yongming


The Tide of Media Disinformation: First Libya, next Venezuela?

by Kiraz Janicke and Federico Fuentes

As the wave of popular uprisings has spread across the Arab world, a flurry of articles have appeared suggesting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez could be the next “dictator” to be overthrown.

Such arguments follow a pattern in the corporate media of slandering the Chavez government and the revolutionary process it leads.

They aim to conceal the real threat that haunts imperialism: that the Arab world may follow the example of Venezuela and other countries in Latin America — and break away from Western hegemony.

Particularly cynical were the comments by British foreign secretary William Hague, who falsely alleged Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi had fled to Venezuela on February 21. This triggered a spate of headlines tying “Venezuela” and “Libya” together — despite the fact the allegation was untrue

A February 2 editorial by the Miami Herald claimed: “With dictators toppling like dominoes across the Middle East, Venezuela’s president-for-life, Hugo Chavez, is signaling worry about his own despotic rule.”

The article ignores the fact that Chavez was overwhelming elected as president in three elections supervised by numerous international observers. All up, pro-Chavez forces have won more than a dozen national elections, all verified as free and fair, since 1998.

With new elections set for 2012, Chavez maintains more than 50% support — even in polls commissioned by the US-funded opposition.

Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres went further when he listed Chavez along with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as two despots corrupted by oil that must be eliminated.

“I believe the world should get rid of oil and tyranny, both of them together are dangerous,” Peres said, reported on February 23.

Peres was at least more honest than most, adding that his reason was because Europe has to pay higher oil prices due to the “whims of some producer countries”.

The reality is that as US hegemony is being challenged by the popular uprisings in the Arab world, right-wing commentators and policy-makers are scrambling to spin the situation to their own advantage.

They are singling out governments outside of US control as possible targets for enforced “regime change” from outside.

Responding to the idea that Venezuela could be next, Chavez noted on February 18 that what was occurring in Egypt “started here a while ago. We have been in rebellion for a while now, in a revolutionary rebellion.”

Chavez said that rebellion began in Venezuela with the February 1989 popular uprising known as the Caracazo.

As a result of International Monetary Fund-imposed hikes in fuel prices, tens of thousands of Venezuelans poured onto the streets of Caracas and other major cities to protest against the neoliberal measure.

A brutal crackdown left an estimated 4000 dead and temporarily quelled the rebellion.

However, the fervour continued in Venezuelan society, leading to Chavez’s election in 1998 on an anti-neoliberal platform.

Chavez said: “What happened in Egypt — and which has not finished — is a sudden awakening of people’s power. We have only seen the first waves.

“They are events that mark a new phase of history in the entire world.”

One of Chavez’s first moves by Chavez when he was elected was to strengthen the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and use it to negotiate a more just oil price for countries dependent on oil revenues.

Chavez also took back government control over Venezuela’s nominally state-run oil industry. These moves have allowed his government to pour much of the oil revenue into social programs.

These wide-ranging programs eradicated illiteracy and extended free education and healthcare to the most needy. They have also been crucial to the process of expanding community control over the running their affairs.

The Chavez government has also used oil revenues to seek to develop other sectors of the economy to help break oil dependency.

To follow the mainstream media, you would get the impression the Chavez government is working overtime to silence freedom of speech. The reality, however, is not one TV station or newspaper has been closed down — and the overwhelming majority are virulently anti-government.

On the other hand, hundreds of new community radio stations have flourishing in the impoverished barrios, extending free speech to those who have never had the opportunity to exercise it before.

The US-backed dictators in the Arab world have consistently placed relations with Israel above the interests of the Palestinian people — despite the popular sympathy for the Palestinian cause among Arab people.

In contrast, since December, nine South American countries have formally recognised a sovereign Palestinian state.

Chavez’s government, and Bolivia’s radical president Evo Morales, have gone further. They broke all diplomatic relations with Israel after its brutal onslaught against Gaza in 2009.

Andelfo Garcia, a former foreign minister of the most loyal US ally in the region, Colombia, said in the February 19 Miami Herald that this move is just one more sign that South American countries are no longer simply adopting US foreign policy as their own.

“It’s like a wave rolling through Latin America,” he said. “The region has its own vision and wants to play a larger role [on the world stage].”

Venezuela has been in the forefront of moves towards greater regional integration, and a shift away from traditional dependence on trade with the US — as well as greater trade and dialogue with other parts of the Third World, such as the Middle East.

The US and Israel are terrified of the threat of something similar occurring in the Arab world — should the democratic revolutions be successful and extend to exerting democratic control over oil and other resources.

It also helps explain why Chavez is hailed by so many in the Arab world as a hero.

However, as Santiago Alba Rico and Alma Allende said in a February 24 Rebelion article “From the Arab world to Latin America”, Venezuela and Cuba’s reluctance to clearly condemn the brutal repression being carried out by the regime of Muammar Gaddafi’s against a popular revolt will have negative consequences for the anti-imperialist project in Latin America.

Venezuela and Cuba have called for a “peaceful resolution” to the violence in Libya and warned the West could use the bloody scenes as an excuse to intervene.

The Arab revolt represents both an “economic revolt” and a “democratic, nationalist and anti-colonial revolution”, they said, that “provides the socialist left and pan-Arabists in the region with an unexpected opportunity”.

They said: “the Arab people, who have returned to the world stage, need the support of their Latin American brothers”.

The pioneering processes of liberation in Latin America, is a symbol of hope for the global anti-imperialist struggle. Therefore, left-wing Latin American governments should unreservedly support the peoples of the Arab world.

This would pre-empt the strategy of the Western powers, which are trying to relegitimise themselves as champions of “human rights and democracy” and may seek to use Gaddafi’s crimes as an excuse to intervene militarily.

Ignoring the brutal reality of Gaddafi, who has been a friend in recent years of the West and its allied dictators, risks breaking ties with popular Arab movements, they pointed out.

It could also give legitimacy to the false accusations thrown at Venezuela and Cuba by imperialism.

They added: “Hopefully Gaddafi will fall — today better that tomorrow.”

They said the wave of revolts in the Arab world could connect with the revolutionary processes in Latin America. They wrote: “The opportunity is great and could be the last to definitively reverse the current balance of forces and isolate the imperialist powers in a new global framework.”

One thing is clear, just as the US has sought to prop up dictatorships in the Arab world, it will continue its struggle to defeat the popular revolutionary movements in Latin America.

Eva Golinger said in Correo del Orinoco International on February 18 that US President Barack Obama had requested US$5 million dollars in special funding from the US Congress special funding for anti-Chavez groups in the 2012 budget.

On February 18 said that Venezuelan parliamentarians had condemned threats from Republican congressmen and the newly appointed chair of the House sub-committee on foreign affairs for the Western hemisphere, Connie Mack.

Mack, has called for a “full-scale economic embargo” against Venezuela.

The real threat to Venezuelan democracy, as across Latin America and the Arab world, comes from the US Empire.


Kiraz Janicke and Federico Fuentes worked in the Green Left Weekly Caracas bureau from 2007-2010.